Support Plan for Residential Poverty

The city of Apple Valley is in better shape compared to many cities around the country. Apple Valley is a beautiful place to live and has the potential to reach many new residents. Christian is willing to serve alongside municipalities and strategically plan ways to remain one of the top 25 suburbs to live within the state. According to the 2019 census, 6.0% of Apple Valley residents are in poverty. This is relatively low percentage, considering the population of 55,135 people. It is important to remember that municipal government members work for residents and are elected to uplift community members who can’t fully support themselves and family. Christian plans to support the emergency need of the 6.0% (approximately 3,308 people) in poverty and other residents who fall below the $41,673 per capita income through a Guaranteed Based Income (GBI) program. The GBI approach for supportive services is a non-discriminatory stipend of a set amount directly distributed into households with no levy and exempt from tax. The data from 2014 through 2018 census and residential surveys could determine the eligibility for the resource. The City of Stockton California has a population of 311,178 and piloted the GBI for 100 residents to receive $500 for 18 months at random with no obligations. Stockton's SEED Program Data found that the residents of Stockton spent 39% on food, 26% on utilities/healthcare/auto, 24% on sales/merchandise, and 11% other. This model can positively influence socioeconomic status within the 6% in poverty and solidify their outcome of maintaining stability in Apple Valley. All eligible residents could benefit from the GBI, as well as secure residency in the city. Streams of funding to support this program could be match-based between the city, businesses, voluntary residents, faith-based institutions, entertainers, and athletic clubs to support the residents in need of monthly assistance. Lets serve with the community to build community!